Bajaj Chetak -Sale only in KTM showrooms

Bajaj Auto recently resurrected its iconic Chetak moniker by revealing the new Chetak e-scooter – the brand's first-ever E-Vechicle.

 Bajaj Chetak electric scooter will be available for retail sales from January 2020. It will also be exported to European markets from next year.

According to  sources, the new Bajaj Chetak will go on sale in Pune, Bengaluru and other initial markets through KTM india.

The new Chetak electric scooter boasts of an IP67-rated lithium-ion battery with NCA cells.
The battery can be charged with a standard 5-15 amp electrical outlet.
There is an IBMS (Intelligent Battery Management System) that controls charge and discharge. Besides, the customers can opt for a home-charging station.

Bajaj Chetak electric scooter comes with sheet metal body panels and a tubular single-sided suspension.
The powertrain makes use of a single-sided cast aluminium swingarm, which houses the traction motor that drives the wheel through an automated gearbox. The scooter gets regenerative braking system as well.
 Bajaj Chetak will offer two driving modes -- Eco (95 km range) and Sport (85 km range) -- and a reverse assist mode.
Bajaj Chetak electric scooter will be available in six colour options. It gets features like horseshoe-shaped LED headlight with DRLs, sequential scrolling LED blinkers and digital console.
 The new Chetak electric scooter will come with mobility solutions like data communication, security and user authentication. The Chetak mobile app will assist the rider by providing an overview of all aspects of the electric scooter and its ride history.

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