Opera Launches Concept Browser "Neon"

Opera released another web browser called Opera Neon that is intended to experiment with a cluster of untested plan thoughts. Neon isn’t near being prepared to supplant the fundamental web browser  it’s being known as an ” concept browser” —  The conceptual browser has been named Opera Neon and was released on January 12.

Opera Neon, available for macOS and Windows, is intended as an exploration of browser design alternatives. It isn't a replacement for the current desktop version of Opera and only some of its features are likely to be integrated into future Opera updates.

What's more, it lacks a few of the features that make the current stable version of Opera worth using, such as built-in ad-blocking, a built-in VPN, and the ability to add extensions.

Opera Neon’s new physics engine means tabs and other objects respond to you like real objects – they have weight and move in a natural way when dragged, pushed, or popped.

The browser offers video pop-out, a split screen mode, a rebuilt omnibox, and improved visual tabs.

Users can also collect images into the built-in snap-to-gallery tool and gather their media-playing tabs in the player panel.

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