Apple Pencil 2 Rumored To Launch In March

The new rumored Apple Pencil  2nd Generation could be unveiled at an event to take place somewhere in March, where it would be shown off along with the next-generation iPhone 8 or iPad Pro.The next Apple Pencil is so-called as "Apple Pencil 2" that will arrive this March 2017.

Apple Pencil 2 will have magnetic features that allow it to be anchored which is similar to the Microsoft Surface Pen. The outlet adds that Apple has had patents for this design so the rumors of it being realized in the Apple Pencil 2 are not unfounded.

The Apple Pencil 2 will also have an eraser, interchangeable tips and enhanced sensors for those who want to utilize the device's advanced features.

 Furthermore, the device may come out with a clip that makes it look more like a pen as it can be used to attach on shirt lapels, backpacks, pockets and more.

According to Apple Insider, the Apple Pencil 2 will feature a new magnetic system that will allow the pencil to temporarily attach to a gadget such as the Apple iPad.
This would enable all users to place the Apple Pencil on to the iPad securely when not in use, allowing it to attach magnetically just like in the iPad Smart Cover.

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