Google Android Wear -"Angelfish" And "Swordfish" Coming Soon

Google is ready to release their final developer preview of Android Wear 2.0 in January, which will include support for both Android Pay as well as the Google assistant..
Google has realized the value of making its own hardware. Unlike its partnerships with HTC or Huawei, the Google Pixel gave them strong leverage over their ownership of the Android operating system.

 After the release of the two flagship smartwatches, other companies will start releasing a number of smartwatches with the new operating system.
 There will surely be a slate of announcements for upcoming smartwatches at the Consumers Electronics Show in 2017. And Pok√©mon Go for Android Wear Smart Watches Still Possible.

The devices will also have apps that can work independently of smartphones, as well as integration for Google Pay, the company’s mobile wallet, and Google Assistant, their AI-based voice assistant that works much like Siri or Alexa.
Android Wears Also Named as the “Angelfish”, which is a full-on smart watch with LTE, GPS and a heart-rate monitor, and the “Swordfish”, which is essentially a fitness tracker like those that Fitbit offers.

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