Google´s new ´Pixel´ Smartphones

Google has unveiled   two new own-brand smartphones,Pixel and Pixel L.,and, the smart speaker Google Home and the DayDream VR headset - but its artificially intelligent assistant took the spotlight.the search giant unveiled their potentially game-changing “Made by Google” smartphone Pixel.
One particular component they were quick to point out was the device’s camera. The Google Pixel has received a DxOMark score of 89, and that’s no slouch.

Indeed, 89 is the highest score that DxOMark has ever awarded a smartphone. Apple was proud to unveil the camera quality that went into the iPhone 7, but that device only received a score of 86, which is the same score the Samsung Galaxy S6 received. The Pixel edges out the previous champion, the Galaxy S7, by a single point.

Pixel is the first smartphone to have Google Assistant baked right into the device, using voice prompts and a tap of the home button to get information, schedule appointments, or even make dinner reservations. Additionally, Google has promised to free up storage space on the handsets thanks to integrated Google Photo functionality to keep your pictures automatically synced to the cloud. The Pixel smartphones will apparently provide 7 hours of battery life on only a 15-minute quick charge, thanks to USB-C connectivity.

The Pixel, with its 5-inch display, starts at $649 USD while the 5.5-inch Pixel XL starts at $769. Both are available for pre-order now.

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