BMW Unveils helmet Free concept- motorcycle

BMW has unveiled its Motorrad Vision Next 100 motorcycle, which aims to “create a pure, unbounded ride experience”.

the company released as part of its 100th-anniversary celebrations.
"Its self-balancing system will help protect the rider at any time," said Edgar Heinrich, the design director of BMW's motorcycle division. "Any late reaction from the driver will trigger and the vehicle will balance out."
The world's top maker of luxury vehicles has also premiered this year a futuristic BMW sports car with a flexible body, as well as a self-driving Rolls-Royce and an electric Mini model.

Company representatives said that riding without a helmet remains a fantasy for now, though.
Many countries mandate the protective gear and self-balancing technology is still in the developmental stage – if the latest concept vehicle becomes a reality, it likely won't be before 2030.
Despite its contemporary features, the bike will not be fully autonomous, the company said.

While the balancing system will help prevent crashing due to rider error, the question is what if the rider was thrown off the vehicle? Unless the bike can somehow sense the absence of the rider and automatically try to catch the individual, authorities may still require some form of helmet or protective measure before anyone will be allowed to ride this smart vehicle.

BMW has not hinted the power plant for this concept vehicle, saying only that it would be a “zero-emission” bike. Given the trend of electric vehicles, it wouldn’t be too far off to assume that the Motorrad Vision Next 100 will be electric.

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