Iran bans Pokemon Go,

Pokémon Go goes live in 15 more countries, but leaves India and China on the waitlist.
But Iran have banned the Pokemon Go app citing ‘security concerns’ which currently are unspecified, the BBC reported on Friday.

The High Council of Virtual Spaces, an official body overseeing online activity, made the decision.

Iran is one of many countries that have raised security-related concerns connected to the gaming app. However, it is the first country to ban Pokemon Go, a game that challengers users to search for and catch cartoon monsters in real-world locations.

Despite restrictions, Pokemon Go has been a top trending topic on the Iran's social media forums in recent weeks.

According to reports last month, Iranian authorities were expecting the creators of the app to cooperate with them regarding some changes.

Meanwhile, another Asian country, Indonesia, has banned police officers from playing the game while on duty, and a Frenchman was arrested last month after wandering into a military base while trying to catch a Pokemon.

A leading Saudi cleric said a fatwa issued against an earlier Pokemon card game also applied to the new app.

Earlier last week, authorities in New York state said they would ban around 3,000 registered sex offenders from playing Pokemon Go while they are on parole.

The ban is aimed at safeguarding the children who play the game.

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