Messi "10" 'would be proud' to meet US president Obama "10"

Lionel Messi 'would be proud' to meet US president Obama.On his visit to Buenos Aires this week, Obama said on television that his daughters would love to meet Messi,

After President Obama let slip that his daughters were hoping to meet soccer star Lionel Messi, the player said even though the meeting didn’t work out he’d be “proud” to meet Obama and his family.
The U.S.president made his comment during his vacation in Buenos Aires revealing that Sasha and Malia had urged him to arrange for them to meet the Barcelona soccer star. Obama, though, said he was unable to make the meeting happen.

FC Barcelona’s Lionel Messi said he was as “surprised as everyone else” when he saw US President Barack Obama saying on TV that he and his family would love to meet the football superstar.

“I saw Obama on TV,” Messi told Argentina’s TyC sports. “I was as surprised as everyone else at what he (Obama) said, but on the contrary I would love to meet him -- though I don’t know if it is possible.”

“They've already met one famous Argentinian - His Holiness Pope Francis. Now they want to meet Messi, but I could not arrange that,” the leader of the U.S

“I would be very proud to meet him and his daughters,” Messi told TyC sports.

Asked if his son Sergio Kun Aguero would go with him if he were to meet with the Obama family, Messi replied: “Of course, I take Kun everywhere.”

In 2011, Obama compared himself to the Messi during an official reception for the Major League Soccer (MLS) champions, the Colorado Rapids.

It was then the director of the Rapids, Jeff Plush, gave Obama a Rapids jersey inscribed with the number 10.

When Plush remarked that the number 10 was ‘reserved for the team’s leader,’ Mr. Obama replied: “Just like myself and Messi, at the same level.”

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