ISIS Hacked Google?

Everyone Shocked About title..Isis attempts to take down Google?.But it's not  Search Giant Google,,Wrong Google., which is reportedly registered by someone named Gandani K. from India.

A group calling itself the "Cyber Caliphate Army" vowed on messaging app Telegram they would attack Google on Monday,
"We promised to hack Google," the group declared.

"Keep the promise inshallah God willing, expect us today."
However, the tech titan's website was unaffected, while the Indian firm's website called was breached. The website on 1 March displayed a "Hacked by: CCA" message, with an IS (Daesh) song in French playing in the background.

The website, addgoogleonline is registered by an Indian tech firm Always Say, which offers search engine optimisation (SEO) services to local clients and is in no way connected to the Silicon Valley-based Google.
The hackers said the attacks were "a message to David Cameron".

The attacks follow pro-Isis hackers' threats that they would target the founders of Facebook and Twitter for shutting down their social media accounts.

Last year, Isis hackers successfully accessed the Twitter account of the United States Central Command, posting personal details of senior has since been claimed by another online group, dubbed n3far1ous. Visiting the website now brings up a text box that says "Eat this ISIS"

The Islamic State propaganda has been removed

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