Two Students Cheating - Amazon and Flipkart

Two students were arrested for allegedly cheating e-commerce retailers, Amazon and Flipkart, by ordering electronic gadgets and replacing them with sand and returning parcels.

For four months, two men in Hyderabad, Yahiya Mohd Ishaque and his brother-in-law Mohd Shahroz Ansari, made a killing ordering electronic goods online. Simply, because they were not paying for these goods.

From mobile phones to laptop to DVD to camera, they would order on Amazon and Flipkart.

“According to their plan, when the representative of the firm came to deliver the booking order, Ishaque used to receive the item and his brother-in-law, Ansari, used to stay with the delivery boy outside the house,” police said explaining on their modus operandi.

On the pretext of bringing his debit card, Ishaque used to take the parcel inside the house remove the seal very tactfully. He would then take out the item and replace it with equal weight sand and re-seal the box , police said.

“After that he would come along with the parcel and debit card. When the delivery boy used to swipe the debit card, it showed that the card was declined. After this, Ishaque used to return the parcel to the delivery boy and take back his debit card,” police said.This way they managed to steal a range of expensive smart phones, a laptop, a camera, DVD player and even a bike.

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